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In this 10 – 30 hours course, we will teach you to easily set up and automate your store and manage it on a free mobile app without any technical knowledge.

You also get access to a free course on E-Commerce Client Servicing if you would like to make online stores for others and provide the same as a service.

Module 01

  • Introduction to e-Commerce
  • Understanding your costs
  • Introduction to WooCommerce Software
  • Why WooCommerce over Shopify?
  • Choosing the right hosting provider & package (Your store literally depends on this)
  • Buying Domain & Hosting
  • Setting up WordPress & WooCommerce

Module 02: Store Setup

  • Setting up your store with WooCommerce
    • Setting up a products grid page
    • Setting up a shopping cart
    • Setting up a checkout page
    • Setting up my orders page
    • Setting up a customer account page
    • Setting up a customer login page
  • Choosing & Installing an E-Commerce theme

Module 03: Product Management

  • Adding new products
  • Creating product categories
  • Modifying existing product information (Price, Description et cetera)
  • Inventory / Stock management
  • Creating product variation (eg: 1 t-shirt in 3 sizes and two colors)
  • Running a sale on a particular product
  • Deleting/Hiding a product
  • Setting up a low stock admin notification
  • Manage on the Mobile App [NEW]

Module 04: Order Management

  • Modifying order information
  • Changing order statuses
  • Setting up email notification (Admin & Customer)
  • Setting up SMS notification (Admin & Customer)
  • Preventing notifications from going into spam
  • Temporarily turn off new orders
  • Manage on the Mobile App [NEW]

Module 05: Operations Management

  • Setting up a payment gateway
  • Setting up cash on delivery
  • Setting up a shipping fee
  • Setting up taxes
  • Creating coupons
  • Handling returns & refunds
  • Setting up a support page
  • Setting up policy pages

Module 06: Store Design

  • Home Page Design with Elementor
  • Home Page Design without Elementor
  • Changing website colors and fonts
  • Adding product filters
  • Adding a price filter
  • Enabling/disabling product reviews
  • Setting up footer links

Module 07: Marketing, Analytics & Conversions

  • Reading sales reports
  • Reading product wise reports
  • See reports on the Mobile App [NEW]
  • Inventory reports
  • Creating an Email list with Pop-Ups.
  • Setting up Facebook pixel
  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Exporting customer lists

Module 08: Adding Extra Features

  • Setting up a Wishlist system
  • Setting up a gift card system
  • Setting up a points and rewards system
  • Setting up a size chart (In case you’re selling shoes)
  • Setting up a compare table (In case you’re electronics)

Module 09: Cloud POS (Incase of a Physical Store)

  • Setting up a POS system on your website
  • Getting POS Machine
  • Printing a Bill using POS
  • Automating Inventory Synchronisation

Module 10: Finishing Up

  • Speeding up your online store
  • Securing your online store
  • Automated Backup & Restore
  • Setting up downtime monitoring
  • Basic SEO setup
  • Setting up a business email (info@mywebsite.com)

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