Eligibility criteria

WEBCOM 2.0 (Coding Track)

A full stack web development and e-Commerce web development course packaged with digital marketing, graphic designing, and WordPress development skills. It is our flagship course, one that is highly recognized in the industry by various organizations.

  1. An Applicant must be 17 years in age.
  2. An applicant can be an Engineering student belonging to any stream of engineering.
  3. An applicant can be a student pursuing B.Sc. in Information Technology or Computer Science.
  4. Any individual with knowledge of any programming language like C / C++ / Java may apply even if she/he?doesn’t meet any of 2nd or the 3rd criteria mentioned above.
  5. For queries related to eligibility criteria please email us at?management@infotechacademy.in

WEBCOM 1.5 (No-Coding Track)

For?people who don’t wish to write code, we have a version of the course where you can learn to create blogs, brand websites and e-Commerce websites without writing code. Wondering if it’s possible??It is.?Our students gave this course a name, they like to call it WEBCOM 1.5.? You?also learn digital marketing skills and graphic designing with Adobe Illustrator.

  1. An Applicant must be 17 years in age.
  2. An Applicant is expected to have knowledge of using a computer/laptop, Microsoft Word, Web Browsers like Chrome, Working with email etc.

For queries /?questions, you can call us at +91 9819648323 / +91 8097581245 or email us at?management@infotechacademy.in

Application Form

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