Full Time Digital Marketing PG Course (Offline)

A 12-month full time offline digital marketing PG course in Mumbai with 3 months internship.

Application Deadline: 20-Mar’24

3 Months Internship | Guaranteed Placement


Students trained

Rs. 4,20,000

0% EMI <> 1 Lakh Scholarship*


Batch Starts <> 12 Months

11am - 2pm

Session Timing (IST)

Course Thesis

Industries are evolving faster than ever. Startups in India are building solutions to the most complex problems faced by the populous. Businesses today demand more from marketers than just create posts and run ads. The onus of effective communication between these companies and its consumers falls upon marketers. We aim to make you the most effective marketer that contributes to the growth and development of this idea called India.

AI Integrated

Each module is deeply integrated with relevant AI tools to enhance productivity

Future Focused

Digital Marketing is evolving everyday! We'll prepare you to adapt.

Sector Agnostic

Tailored to excel across diverse sectors from D2C to SaaS.

Subjectwise Course Curriculum

Each semester comprises six subjects and spans a duration of three months.

600+ Hours

of in-classroom training

25+ Projects

split across execution & strategy

21 Subjects

curated with industry experts

600+ Hours

of in-classroom training

25+ Projects

split across execution & strategy

21 Subjects

curated with industry experts


recommend-ed by best agencies


In this module you’ll learn

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Value Proposition and Brand Positioning
  • Understanding the Target Market
  • Consumer Behavior and Psychology
  • Case Studies

In this module, you will explore the functions of more than 25 digital marketing techniques and understand their objectives.

“Kyunki Harr Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai” Remember this by Airtel? Well that’s written by a copy writer.

In this module you’ll learn

  • Effective Copywriting
  • Design Principles for Visual Impact
  • Incorporate story telling 
  • Psychology of Color in Marketing and Design
  • Creating a Cohesive Brand Voice and Visual Identity

In this module you’ll learn to build purposeful websites from scratch for brands and businesses.

  • Website Strategy & Goal Setting
  • Understand UI/UX
  • Designing & Developing a Website with WordPress
  • Launching & Maintaining a website
  • Analysing Website Performance

In this module, you’ll explore strategies to effectively leverage search-oriented platforms.

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)
  • Bing Ads
  • Amazon Ads
  • Youtube Ads

In this module you’ll learn about starting, managing and growing and D2C / e-commerce business.

  • Indian & Global e-commerce landscape.
  • Value Proposition of D2C Brands
  • Retention Marketing & Customer Lifetime Value
  • Building an online store with Shopify & WooCommerce
  • Selling on Marketplaces like Amazon, Myntra & Nykaa.
  • Selling on Quick Commerce platforms like Zepto & Swiggy


They journey between a potential customer seeing your product for the first time to making a purchase is a long one. In this module you’ll learn to understand the consumers psychology and map out a journey for the customers to ensure they are right where you need them to be. 

Ever wondered why you buy a certain product of a particular brand even when its expensive? In this module you’ll learn how brands are build and what does it take to build one.

Content Is Everything. In this module you’ll learn how to build a content strategy for brands and then create content in different formats like text, graphic, video et cetera and the right platforms to distribute it (social and non-social).

  • Campaign Planning
  • Content Strategy
  • Tools for Content Creation
  • Podcast Marketing
  • Digital Public Relations
  • Online Reputation managment

In this module you’ll learn how to effectively utilise different social media platforms using organic and paid methods. 

  • Instagram Organic
  • Linkedin Organic
  • Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Twitter Ads

80% of India has their mobile devices setup in languages other than English. In this module you’ll learn to create Ads on Meta & Google in languages other than Engish. This a dire need of the Industry.

In this module you’ll learn

  • To advertise on platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, Hotstar and more.
  • Media Planning which is the art of deciding how much will a brand spend on a specific platfrom for Swiggy, Meta, Amazon & more. 


Tactical & Strategy

Work with over 40+ tools recommended by experts.

Work with tools from analytics to automation, mastering strategies for web traffic, content creation, and campaigns.

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ecommerce tools, amazon
digital marketing tools, yoast seo
digital marketing tools, woocommerce
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Know Your Trainers


Ibrahim Rumani

12+ Years of Experience

Founder, InfoBahn

Akshi Ranka

9+ Years of Experience




10+ Years of Experience

Ex: Facebook & Star Sports


Anisha Jaisinghani

9+ Years of Experience

Pepper Content | Ex: Zomato

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Avail Scholarship upto ₹1,00,000

Application Deadline: 20-Mar’24

Job Prospects with this course

Salary Range: ₹3.6 LPA - ₹14.7 LPA

Digital marketing records the fastest Individual growth in terms of positions and appraisals.

Freelance Prospects

Income Range: ₹5.0 LPA up-words

Did you know??
Apple's last product launch movie was created by a freelancer

Value (In ₹)
SEO Specialist
10k - 90k /client / mo
Social Media Manager
30k - 90k / client / mo
Paid Media
25k - 75k / client / mo
Influencer Marketing Manager
15k - 70k / client / mo
Web Designer
35k to 1.5L per project
Automation Manager
20k - 90k / client / mo

Refer a friend & get a reward of ₹15,000

You get rewarded as soon as your friend pays their first installment.

Read Referral Program T&C

Hear it from our students

We asked our students for a short review and here is what they had to say.

I always thought only digital marketing was only social media. The levels at which the course has opened my eyes is unbelievable. CRO was the best module.
- Simran Patil
I was new to this so it took some time to get a hang of SEO but the rest of the course was so smooth. Presentation days are to look for.
- Shivam B.
The trainers are very helpful and very respectful. They know when to chill and when to give blunt feedbacks during presentation. The feedbacks given after every presentations are so detailed. I still cannot believe that I understood SEO.
- Priyanka Vaswani
One of the best experiences I've had with an online course. The lecture on Amazon felt like it was a movie, the trainers are very knowledgeable.
- Janhvi Vakil
SaaS Marketing & KPI clustering were actually pretty interesting modules. I think every startup team should do this course.
- Vansh Jaiswal.
Before the course I wasn't sure if I will actually be able to do things on my own but the trainers are very patient. Presentation days are the best and worst days.
- Harsh Harwani
Do not put animations on your website if Ibrahim Rumani is taking your presentation. Haha but by the time I was in my 2nd month I had already landed my first client.
- Khushi Parmar
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Brands you’ll work on

digital brands mamaearth logo
digital brands asian paints logo
digital brands Dell logo
digital brands swiggy logo
Digital brands Chanel logo
Digital Brands Ikea logo
Digital Brands Zomato logo
Digital brands Adidas logo
Digital Brands Nua logo
Digital brands Philips logo
Digital brands airtel logo
Digital brands amazon logo

Frequently Asked Questions

9 Months offline 3 months online with students are on internships. 

Most MBA courses follow strict curriculums. The field of digital marketing is ever evolving and most MBA courses cannot cope of with this. Brands and agencies prefer people with more robust knowledge over an MBA.

  • Yes, we guarantee a placement, as long as you attend 80% of the sessions and submit your assignments.
  • We follow a strict admission policy based on DM-CAT and the personal interview round where we only admit students who have the core skill that companies are looking for. We then equip you with right digital marketing knowledge that guarantee you a job.
  • Students have opportunity to learn from and network with CXO’s of major agencies and brands which are almost always hiring. You very likely will have a job offer before complete the course
  • Besides this we do the general stuff where we’ll help you build your resume and portfolio then prepare you for interviews to landing a job.

Absolutely.This course strikes the right balance between strategy and execution. 

Freelance / Family business. If you are planning to do this course to transform or add value to your family business, we recommend doing a job for 6 months in a brand or an agency, however you are free to opt out of the placement process.

You will receive a course completion certificate from Infotech Academy. Besides this you will get another 8 certificates such as Google Ads Certification , Meta Ads certification, Hubspot SEO certification and more.

Yes we offer and scholarship upto ₹1,00,000  (1 lakh). Please refer to the scholarship page for more on scholarships

No. This is a full time Post Graduate Program which requires your full time & attention.

Only 40 students are selected per cohort. Those who pass the personal interview but aren’t initially chosen are placed on a waiting list. If any admitted student cancels, the next candidate on the list will be offered the seat. If you are rejected during the personal interview you can re-apply after 3 months. 

Definitely. We have a student accommodation division that will help you find a PG-Hostel or Apartments. Please note it can take upto 30 days to find accommodation in Mumbai so plan accordingly.  

The Fine Print

Fee Structure
Eligibility Criteria
Admission Process

A candidate can avail a maximum scholarship of ₹1,00,000 (1 Lakh) in this course. Get your scholarship via this page. Click Here

Interest free EMI
#To be paid whenAmount
1At the time of admission40%
260 Days after course commencement 30%
3120 Days after course commencement 30%


Eligibility Criteria
  • Candidate must be 20+ years in age.
  • Candidate must be a graduate.
  • Candidate must score above 210 in DM-CAT and must have taken DM-CAT within 6 months of the application to this program.
  • You are expected to be proficient in using a computer, the internet & email services like gmail. These skills will be tested during your personal interview.
  • You must own a personal laptop that you can carry for the sessions.
  • Candidate must score more than 210 in Digital Marketing Candidate Assessment Test.
  • The candidate should have taken this exam within the last six months of applying for this course.
  • Learn More about DM-CAT here
Application Review
  • Once you've filled your application form our team will review it and schedule a personal interview with our admissions counsellor.
  • Candidate can apply for this course without appearing for DM-CAT however the candidate must take this exam prior to the personal interview.
Personal Interview

The primary objective of this interview is to understand your motivation & commitment towards this program and how your long-term professional goals align with it.

Based on this interview the counselor will determine how well you'd fit in with the program’s culture & ethos. Remember, this interview is not just for the admissions team to assess you, but also for you to determine if this program is the right fit for your goals and aspirations.

Admission Status Update

Following your personal interview, the admissions counselor will determine your suitability for the course, and you will receive a response, whether it's an admission or a rejection, within 24 hours.

Incase of rejection you can re-apply for course after 3 months.

Payment Of Fees

Upon acceptance into the course, your seat will be reserved. You are required to submit a cheque within three working days to confirm your enrollment. Failure to which the seat will be offered to the candidate next in the waiting list. 

Waiting List

Only 40 students are selected per cohort. Those who pass the personal interview but aren't initially chosen are placed on a waiting list. If any admitted student cancels, the next candidate on the list will be offered the seat.