Your Gateway to a Digital Marketing Career

The Digital Marketing Common Admission Test (DM-CAT) is a prestigious entrance exam designed by Infotech Academy to assess and certify aspiring digital marketers. Excelling in DM-CAT opens the doors to our comprehensive Digital Marketing programs, empowering you with the skills needed to excel in the dynamic field of digital marketing. 

Exam Schedule

Upcoming DM-CAT Exam

Next Exam

1st Janurary 2024

Next Exam

28th Feb 2024

Exam Schedule

Exam Format


60 Questions

Exam Duration

60 mins

Maximum Score

360 Marks


Online Portal

Eligibility Criteria – A Candidate must score a minimum of 210 marks to qualify for the Digital Marketing PG Programme.

Scope of Topics 

  1. Current Events
  2. Logical & Analytical
  3. Marketing Trends
  4. Mathematical
  5. Basics of Digital Marketing
  6. Historical Campaigns

Format of Questions

  1. Subjective one-liners
  2. Multiple choice


  1. A score of 300 = Rs. 50,000/- scholarship
  2. A score of 210 = Rs. 25,000/- scholarship

Technical Requirements 

  1. A laptop with a web cam
  2. Stable internet connection with a speed of 5mbps or higher