Established in January 2012 by Ibrahim Rumani, Infotech Academy is an industrial and corporate training institute that conducts programmes for organisations, students, professionals & business owners belonging to the engineering, commerce & media sector.


In today’s times, all major businesses are or are going online for greater visibility. Websites, e-commerce portals, blogs, social networks, social and professional forums amongst other online platforms provide digital marketers and developers ample opportunities to flourish.

At Infotech Academy, we believe in making a difference. We want to see each individual not only use but also harness the power of computers for his or her benefit. We see each individual dreaming big and achieving bigger. We at Infotech Academy don’t just see computers as storage or processing devices or as one of the biggest entertainment and communication sources but as an extension of ‘the individual’. We believe in staying up to date with the changing trends in the fastest growing industry in this world that is, Information Technology.

Course Design Strategy

Infotech Academy has evolved with the ever-changing skill sets required on the job.?Our courses are designed keeping in mind specific industry requirements recommended by firms and established HR personnel. Each part of the course is taught more through experiential and project-based learning than a run-of-the-mill academic approach.

Infotech Academy delves deep with the aid of surveys and research to design courses with handpicked syllabi which match industry standards. Expert guidance in building ideas designed, populated and executed by individuals allow for a first hand, enriching experience.

The courses are designed meticulously with a reason behind each module of each module. We intend to bridge the gap between the Education & Industry Standards in India. We are looking forward to bring about a change. At Infotech Academy, we aim to provide knowledge that has direct application and potential to touch lives.