Investment: ?8000.00

General Info:

  • No technical / coding knowledge required
  • A detailed 24 hours Course (6 Sessions of 4 hours each)
  • Weekdays / Sunday Batches
  • Certificate Course
  • Project Based Learning (See Projects: Blog / Corporate Site)
  • Free domain name & hosting for 1 Year

About The Course


Our Web Development With WordPress Course is a detailed 20 hours course that teaches you to create websites that match?industry standards without coding. WordPress is a web development tool and the most powerful Content Management System (CMS) which powers 31% of world?s website. It works on a theme and plugin system where themes provide the look and feel to the website whereas plugins add features to it. It surrenders complete control to the user, asking them what they want to create without any technical knowledge.

With this course, you learn to create websites with clean design and great performance. Trust us! It takes time to create a clean design, but its worth the effort.?Once the website is ready we teach you how to rank your website on search engines like google, bing, et cetera with great industry insights on SEO. We then teach you to analyze traffic coming on your site by understanding what pages your visitors see, from what source the land on your website with tools such as WordPress stats & Google Search Console.

The course is taught by industry experts that run successful agencies, developing websites with WordPress.

Course Highlights

Research & Planning
Layout Blueprint & Implementation
Design & Development (No Coding)
Domain & Hosting Setup
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Engagement
Site Stats & Analytics
Project Management
Case Studies & Insights
Client Servicing
Quotations & Invoices
Certificate Course

Course Curriculum Overview

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Setting up Domain & Hosting
  • Setting up WordPress
  • Setting up themes & plugins
  • Creating Posts & Pages
  • Creating various page layouts
  • Creating various elements such as sliders, galleries etc.
  • Email & SMS Communication with WordPress
  • Making the most out of Forms
  • Social media engagement
  • Search Engine Optimization with WordPress
  • Managing WordPress for clients

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Who can do this course?

Anyone who wishes to create a website/blog for the brand or for someone else. Suitable for both students & professionals.

Does this course involve coding?

No. The idea of a WordPress - Content Management System is to manage your website without coding.

What will I be able to create if I do this course?

By the end of the course, you will be able to make websites similar to and which is also an assignment which we make you in the training itself.

Can I make websites for others?

Yes, you can. In fact, we have a module that takes you through the process of client servicing as a web developer.

I am an engineering student, so isn't this a very basic course for me?

No, absolutely not. A project that can be completed in 10 man hours with WordPress will take 40-50 hours with coding where the clients do not care how you made the website.

I am a college student, some sessions are clashing with my schedule, how can we make this work?

Hey, we understand don't worry we always make necessary arrangement for college students. Just fill the form on the right someone from our team will get in touch with you.

Trainer - Ibrahim Rumani

He is an entrepreneur, web developer, corporate trainer & an eCommerce Consultant. He runs a web development agency that goes by the name InfoBahn where 99% of their projects are done with WordPress. He is also a contributor to WordPress Mumbai Meetup Chapter & WPEduVents India Meetup Chapter.

He is passionate about making websites with WordPress, teaching and teaching WordPress. He has been training students and professionals for the last 8 years and has conducted over 6000 hours of training on a wide range of topics for Engineers, Charted Accountants, Sales teams, Media Professional?s et cetera. He has taught WordPress to over 1500 people. He also conducts workshops for the WordPress Mumbai Meetup Chapter, recognized by WordPress foundation, United States.

Upcoming Trainings (Schedule)

Weekend Batch

20 - January

Saturday - Sunday

18 - Nov

Duration: 6 sessions of 4 hours each

Will be published on 7th January

Time: Will be published by 7th January

Venue: Infotech Academy, Andheri (W)

Monday - Wednesday - Friday

26 - November

Monday - Wednesday - Friday

26 - Nov

Duration: 5 sessions of 4 hours each

Dates: 26th, 28th, 30th November & 3rd, 5th December

Time: 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Venue: Infotech Academy, Andheri (W)


Corporate & Campus Training

Our Web Development With WordPress course is designed keeping in mind specific industry requirements recommended by IT firms and established HR personnel. Each part of the course is taught more through experimental?and case study based learning than a run-of-the-mill academic approach.

First, we understand your requirements, we then understand the audience. Then we design a curriculum for you that meets the defined objectives. We then execute the training.

If you wish to conduct this course for your employees or if an Institution wishes us to conduct this course at their college, fill the form below our team member will get in touch with you shortly.

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