The New WordPress v5.0

WordPress is undergoing a major change with WordPress 5.0 releasing on 6th December 2018 (Tentatively).

Are you seeing this notice lately, once you log in to WordPress?

Well, WordPress is giving you a heads up. But we have come across a lot of people who missed it.

So what is changing with this WordPress update?

The way you create your posts & pages. On 6th December 2018, your WordPress website will update to version 5.0. In this update, WordPress has replaced the years old classic editor with a new text editor called Gutenberg.

This update, in fact, is a long overdue. WordPress has been planning to implement this since early 2018. But considering the fact that is going to affect 31.5% of the web that uses WordPress to create websites, WordPress just had to be more than through about the stability of this version. This update has been under testing and review for months and is very promising.

Is this update a good one?

Definitely. One can say Gutenberg is a game changer. This editor comes with great features like creating layouts with 2 or more columns, writing text on images, creating galleries, buttons, downloadable files, embedding?social media feeds, audio clips, videos from over 25 platforms such as Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube et cetera and all of this right within your posts and pages without having to install any additional?plugins.

What’s tricky?

Well, Gutenberg is great, but it requires a bit of learning. Once you learn to use Gutenberg you can create amazing posts & pages that really stand out.

What if I don’t want to use Gutenberg? / How to roll back to the classic editor?

If you are not quite ready to use Gutenberg, you can simply switch to the classic editor. To do this you can follow the steps below.

Head to your Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search for ‘Classic Editor’ > Install > Activate.?This action will disable Gutenberg as your default WordPress editor and enable the?classic editor.

Though we highly encourage you to use Gutenberg, but at the same time, WordPress is all about giving users the choice of what they want to create, however they wish to create it. Trust us Gutenberg is just the upgrade you want.

Will this update affect my?data/content?

No. No WordPress update will ever affect your data/content.

What if I don’t want to upgrade to WordPress 5.0? (Not Recommended)

If automatic update is enabled then your WordPress site will automatically be upgraded to the new version. You can turn off the automatic update. We highly recommend you to keep your website updated to the latest version of WordPress. An update not just adds new features but also includes security upgrades and bug fixes which makes your website less vulnerable and prevents it from being attacked.

One way of disabling auto update

If you have installed WordPress through cPanel > Softaculous (or similar one-click apps installer) you can disable the auto upgrade from there. Contact your hosting provider for the same or look up about it on google.

Wish to try Gutenberg?

You can visit? try it yourself. It is also available as a plugin until 19th November.


We hope this article helped you understand the new update better. Please leave your feedback in the comments section below.




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